Erectile Dysfunction Causes and Appliances

Erectile dysfunction causes Erectile dysfunction causes can be overcome using mechanical device solutions. Several mechanical devices can either help get an erection or help maintain an erection. Erectile dysfunction medical devices to get an erection are vacuum pumps and devices to help maintain erections are called tension systems or erection rings.

 Erectile dysfunction causes are temporarily overcome by the use of medical mechanical devices during sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction is also therapeutically treated to maintain penile vascularity and penile tissue structure with mechanical medical devices similar to the benefits of natural nocturnal erections for those with prolonged erection problems. Erection vacuum pumps can be either mechanical erection pumps or battery operated erection vacuum pumps. In either case the vacuum pump cylinder is placed over the penis down to the base of the penis. By either manually pumping the air out of the tube or by pressing the button and pumping the air out of the tube a negative pressure is built up in the tube surrounding the penis. This negative pressure draws blood into the penis allowing the spongy corpora cavernosa to enlarge the penis into an erection.

Once the penis becomes erect a tension ring is slipped onto the base of the penis trapping the blood into the erection keeping the penis firm. This allows for longer periods of sexual activity and helps keep the blood vessels open and the tissue of the spongy corpora cavernosa stretched. So not only does the ability to have sex and to extend the sexual experience happen but the blood vessels and tissue inside the penis become active which may help reverse non-use atrophy. It is important to note that a tension ring should not be worn for over 30 minutes. Once the tension ring is removed the erection will subside.

Erectile dysfunction causes may be treated by using the vacuum pump and tension ring as a therapeutic treatment to bring back the vascularity of penile circulation and reduce or reverse tissue shrinkage in the penis to improve your penis health. Dr. Gheiler will discuss this option with you and work with you to find the best erectile dysfunction solution tailored to your needs and desires. Read on to find out what is available for internal erectile dysfunction mechanical devices.


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